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Publikationen der Projektpartner zum ARAMOB-Projekt

Hagedorn, G., Weiss, M., Kohlbecker, A., Link, A. & Triebel, D. (2020): DiversityReferences information model (version 2.1.0, 7 January 2020). –

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Penell, A., Raub, F. & Höfer, H. (2018): Estimating biomass from body size of European spiders based on regression models. – Journal of Arachnology 46: 413–419.Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Arachnology 46(3):413-419 ·

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Weiss, M., Reichert, W. & Triebel, D. (2020): DiversityGazetteers information model (version 01.00.31, 4 March 2020): –

Weiss, M., Reichert, W. & Triebel, D. (2020): DiversitySamplingPlots information model (version 01.00.34, 4 March 2020): –

Weitere Projektbezogene Literatur

Groom, Q., Hyam, R., & Güntsch, A. (2017): Data management: Stable identifiers for collection specimens. Nature, 546(33).

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